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How can cross-border postal parcels be delivered and operated?


As the most popular logistics channel in the early days, cross-border postal parcels still occupy a place in many cross-border logistics channels. Compared with other channels, cross-border postal parcels have the characteristics of simple operation and favorable price. So how should sellers use cross-border postal parcels to deliver goods? How should they operate? Let's have a look today.


Let's first look at the delivery channels of cross-border postal parcels

1、 香港小包,时效一般是在1-2周,覆盖面涵盖全球224个国家或地区,全程可以跟踪查询。主要优势在于:空运资源丰富,处理量大,包裹处理要求简单,时效、清关、价格都比较稳定。

1. Hong Kong small package, the time limit is generally 1-2 weeks, covering 224 countries or regions around the world, the whole process can be traced. The main advantages are: abundant air transportation resources, large handling capacity, simple package handling requirements, time efficiency, customs clearance and price are relatively stable.

2、 中邮小包,价格便宜,大陆直接出口不用过港,清关稳定,时效差不多也是1-2周;覆盖范围与香港小包相同。

2. Chinese postal parcels are cheap. The mainland's direct export does not need to cross the port. The customs clearance is stable, and the time limit is about 1-2 weeks. The coverage is the same as that of Hong Kong's parcels.

3、 荷兰小包,主要优势体现在欧洲地区。在欧洲的时效大概在5-10个工作日,清关能力强时效快,可以寄电池类包裹。覆盖面相对较小,为全球200个国家和地区。

3. Dutch small bag, the main advantage is reflected in the European region. In Europe, the time limit is about 5-10 working days. With strong customs clearance ability and fast time limit, you can send battery packages. The coverage is relatively small, covering 200 countries and regions in the world.


Delivery requirements for postal parcels

1、 重量方面要求限制在2kg以内,含包装。

1. The weight is limited to 2kg, including packaging.

2、 产品的单边长度不超过60cm,单边长加另一边长不超过90cm。如果产品为圆筒形货物则要求直径的两倍+长度≤104CM,单边长度≤90CM。

2. The length of one side of the product shall not exceed 60cm, and the length of one side plus the length of the other side shall not exceed 90cm. If the product is cylindrical goods, it is required to double the diameter + length ≤ 104cm, single side length ≤ 90cm.

3、 投递包裹必须包含航空标识、授权码、收件人详细信息及跟踪条码等信息;

3. The delivered package must contain such information as aviation identification, authorization code, recipient details and tracking barcode;

4、 去邮政营业厅投递包裹需要带上个人身份证;

4. You need to bring your personal ID card when you deliver a package to the post office;


How to use China Post small package to deliver goods and what is the operation flow


When the seller creates the listing, the logistics chooses Amazon FBM. When a customer places an order through Amazon platform, the seller only needs to go to China Post Office and fill in the customer information in the corresponding form. After sending, you will get a tracking code, which is convenient to query logistics information.


We need to remind you that if the seller delivers the package directly through the business hall, there is no preferential price. Generally, it is through forwarders to help sellers deliver goods, so that they can get a more favorable discount, and the overall price will be cheaper than that of the sales hall.


Cross border small package delivery


What are the specific advantages of China Post small bag

1、 覆盖面广。基于万国邮政联盟,服务所涉及的范围非常广泛,哪怕是常规快递不到的偏远地区也能够送达。可以说只要有邮政网点的地方就能覆盖到。

1. Wide coverage. Based on the Universal Postal Union, the service covers a wide range, even in remote areas where conventional express delivery cannot reach. It can be said that as long as there are postal outlets, they can be covered.

2、 流程简单。收费方式和流程都比较简单,不计首重和续重计费方式全球统一。

2. The process is simple. The charging method and process are relatively simple, and the charging method excluding the first and continued weight is globally unified.

3、 价格优势。相对于其他的国际四大快递来说,价格有绝对优势;

3. Price advantage. Compared with other four international express delivery, the price has an absolute advantage;

4、 掉包率低。物流信息全程可查而且查询起来也非常的方便,只需要去中国邮政官网查询即可。

4. Low turnovers. The whole process of logistics information can be checked and it is very convenient to query. You only need to go to the official website of China Post.

5、 清关方便。不像FBA头程那么麻烦,可从中国大陆地区直接出口,不需要经过香港。

5. Convenient customs clearance. Unlike FBA, it is so difficult to export directly from mainland China without Hongkong.


Relevant suggestions


Postal parcels are more suitable for small start-up sellers. In the case of small and unstable orders, using small parcels to deliver goods is more flexible and will not cause economic pressure. But its biggest short board lies in the timeliness and delivery level. If the customers have high requirements for timeliness and the level is large, it is recommended to use overseas warehouse to make up for this short board. This is the topic about how to deliver and how to operate cross-border postal parcels, hoping to help you.

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